About Patitiri Café Snack Bar

      Patitiri Café is located in the heart of the central port of Alonissos. It was created in 2016 with great taste and unique style of two young children, George and Elsa. The Café name has a double meaning referring both to the homonymous port and the other in the wine press used for the distillation of coffee from the coffee machine.

      From the morning hours you can enjoy rich breakfast choosing variety of coffee flavors, juices and drinks, tea and special milkshake flavors. Some of the proposals are a very hearty omelette, the waffle with Dodoni ice cream, and the various flavors of sweet and salty crepes.

      Overlooking the turquoise waters, the visitor throughout the day has the ability to select tastes of cold dishes, snack, club sandwich, burger, starring the homonymous Patitiri burger which is a special proposition for gourmets eaters.

      Our kitchen is open until late at night serving traditional Alonissos flavors honoring the tradition. Alonissos cheesepie, fouskakia, Mediterranean with Alonissos tiganopsomo and Alonissos tuna dishes are dishes you should try.

      As the day passes by and the night approaches you can relax with drinks and delicious cocktails.